Imagine a world, if there are no trees, and less oxygen.

We need paper in our every day life, and paper is made from trees. Billions of students around the world use paper notebook, books, pens, pencils, rulers, etc.

What if we assist you in replacing all that with just one device : SUPERNOTE.

The most sustainable and value driven paper-like tablet. Made to last, with the only digital pen nib that never wears out, Supernote is also the only paper-like tablet that has passed a rigorous drop test.

Welcome to the new age of handwriting.

What is screen mirroring with Supernote ?

Share and display your Supernote content easily with a variety of other devices, using the same wifi network. Whether on a large screen in a classroom, or on a TV in the meeting room, Supernote’s Screen Mirroring feature helps you be more productive.

How to easily find your notes on your Supernote ?

With Supernote, you can add titles to get a quick overview, index your notes with keywords or symbols, or insert links to your note. Searching for your notes was never so easy with Supernote.

How can I annotate PDF documents on my Supernote ?

On your Supernote digital notebook, you can import PDF files, annotate them and export your document with your handwritten notes to other devices. Whether adding handwritten notes, highlighting important text, or just drawing shapes, with Supenote you can easily work with PDF files.

About Supernote Europe

Located in Europe

Our customer service is based in France

2 Years Warranty

On Supernote digital notebook

48h Delivery

48h delivery time inside Europe

14 days return policy

From the date of reception

Ax Wl
June 25, 2024
An outstanding development and support team. I had an issue with the H.O.M. 2 Pen and shared my experience with the support team. Shortly thereafter, I received an email from the development department. The staff truly stand behind their product. A clear recommendation from my side.
June 5, 2024
Supernote Europe is a wonderful company and part of a beautiful community. The Supernote products are unique, useful and so loveable. I am very satisfied with my Supernote Nomad, HoM2 pen and canvas folio. The customer service is exceptional. In this current day and age I find it rare to see companies really care about the customers, but Supernote Europe really approach their customers as fellow human beings in my experience. I had a slight minor issue with my nomad and without additional costs or any problem I got offered a replacement. All of this makes me a proud Supernote user.
Leo Ruffini
April 16, 2024
Exceptional customer service. My pen stopped working properly and I got an immediate replacement within 48 hours for free. Thank you very much, guys.
Nicolas Raison
March 11, 2024
Super expérience avec Supernote, le produit est top et répond à mes besoins, j'ai enfin un outil me permettant de m'organiser dans mon travail de manière optimale, fini les difficultés à trouver une note précédente (grâce à la reconnaissance d'écriture qui fonctionne bien!) et fini les notes prise au clavier qui sont difficiles à prendre suivant les situations. Bonus, les équipes en france sont super réactives ! Merci
Louis Lpx
February 9, 2024
Service impeccable ! Un problème du site ayant empêché la commande d'un stylet, le SAV a été très réactif, n'hésitant pas à chercher des solutions pour contourner le problème. Livraison en 1 jour, packaging très propre. Je recommande.
Charles Nicolas
January 21, 2024
For years and years I had been looking for the perfect paperless note taking, I tried many things (incl Ipadpro with pencil….) and everything didn’t quite feel perfect. When I found the Supernote I had high expectations and I must say it is absolutely stunning ! It’s paper feel, long battery life (full week of intense notes) and great interface make it the perfect tool. Deep concentration and listening is much better. congratulations to the Supernote Team !
Edward Borg Costanzi
January 18, 2024
Special thanks to the Supernote team, especially Salomé for the excellent and swift service. I chose Supernote over other brands because I read about their excellent after sales service, and it turned out to be true. I had an issue with my device and it was swiftly taken care of. Salomé was really helpful and understood my situation. Well deserved review and keep up your quality service Supernote team! Thank you!
João Freitas Fernandes
December 20, 2023
I purchased my Supernote A5x in April 2023. After experimenting with other notebooks, this is definitely what I had been looking for for a long time. The customer service is 5*. I recently lost my pen barrel while walking outside. I contacted the customer support and they kindly immediately sent a barrel at no cost, other than the shipping cost. Much appreciated!
Eriq Petersson
December 15, 2023
Jag fick problem med min Heart of Metal-penna vars spets hade tryckts in. Vid kontakt med Supernote Europe fick jag väldigt snabb respons, och de skickade ut en ersättningsspets dagen efter att jag förklarat mitt problem, utan kostnad och i expresspaket. Kan varmt rekommendera deras läs- och skrivplatta vars mjukvara (och hårdvara) utvecklas kontinuerligt. Kombinerat med den välvilliga och snabba kundservice de har finns det ingen anledning att tveka. De kommer att lösa eventuella problem du får.

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