“Writing is the painting of the voice”

For centuries humans have developed writing to communicate across time and space, expressing their thoughts, their experiences, their feelings and their knowledge on paper. This paper has now evolved into a more practical and more sustainable type of paper. The digital e-ink paper.

Move forward into the new age of handwriting with our state-of-the-art SUPERNOTE digital notebook


Imagine a world, if there are no trees, and less oxygen.

We need paper in our every day life, and paper is made from trees. Billions of students around the world use paper notebook, books, pens, pencils, rulers, etc.

What if we assist you in replacing all that with just one device : SUPERNOTE.

The most sustainable and value driven paper-like tablet. Made to last, with the only digital pen nib that never wears out, Supernote is also the only paper-like tablet that has passed a rigorous drop test.

Welcome to the new age of handwriting.

What is screen mirroring with Supernote ?

Share and display your Supernote content easily with a variety of other devices, using the same wifi network. Whether on a large screen in a classroom, or on a TV in the meeting room, Supernote’s Screen Mirroring feature helps you be more productive.

How to easily find your notes on your Supernote ?

With Supernote, you can add titles to get a quick overview, index your notes with keywords or symbols, or insert links to your note. Searching for your notes was never so easy with Supernote.

How can I annotate PDF documents on my Supernote ?

On your Supernote digital notebook, you can import PDF files, annotate them and export your document with your handwritten notes to other devices. Whether adding handwritten notes, highlighting important text, or just drawing shapes, with Supenote you can easily work with PDF files.


Handmade in France, in genuine leather, vegetable dye, it offers protection to your Supernote A5X and its accessories. For the device alone or for the device with pen and cover.

Limited stock !

About Supernote Europe

Located in Europe

Our customer service is based in France

2 Years Warranty

On Supernote digital notebook

48h Delivery

48h delivery time inside Europe

14 days return policy

From the date of reception

David Feijo
October 13, 2023
Super produit parfaitement calibré pour ce qu’on en attend. Excellent suivi avec des maj fréquentes et une bonne ecoute des utilisateurs. SAV réactif en cas de soucis et efficace.
Bram de Roos
September 18, 2023
Great device and very good service. After a year I had a quality issue that they solved perfectly! SW updates also being rolled out very frequently which significantly improve the device.
Pablo Villanueva
August 31, 2023
La mejor experiencia de compra y de atención al cliente que jamas he tenido. EXCELENTE. Mi pedido lo realicé en España y al dia siguiente lo recibí en perfectas condiciones desde Francia ! Además, luego de realizar el pedido me surgió una duda y el centro soporte me atendió de forma inmediata y modificó el pedido a mis necesidades. La mejor experiencia de compra (asistencia y envío) que tuve. Un 10
July 24, 2023
Love the products. Had a small technical issue, quickly received a new part, the service was very friendly and responsive
Anton Samuelsson
July 18, 2023
Excellence beyond words. Eager to assist in any way. Quick response times. Very good warranty management. This is my praise for the EU retailer. Ratta (Official producer of Supernotes) is just as great, customer is central to their entire philosophy. I use my SuperNote daily and I keep wanting to find ways to use it. The best thing is that there are only creative ways to use it. Everything you do on it feels meaningful and productive and highly enjoyable. Top marks for writing feel and durability If you want something long term, durable and of excellent for writing these devices are for you.
Hanzo 1978
June 30, 2023
Just received the Supernote A5X (ordered just 2 days ago), I request a cover change just after the order and they answered instantly. Thanks! SuperFast delivery, SuperCustomer support, SuperProduct!!!
Kim Aquilina
May 26, 2023
So happy with the service. My tablet has been very helpful in organising both my personal and work notes. I also contacted customer care after a year of purchasing over a small issue, and they were very quick to reply. Salome was very helpful and patient and walked me through different ways to help tackle my issue. My problem has since been resolved and I couldn’t be happier.

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